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Cosmetic Veneers

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20-22 Brentford Square, Forest Hill VIC 3131

Investing in dental veneers can give you whiter, straighter, properly-shaped teeth without braces or bleaching. Veneers mask the healthy teeth behind them, instantly changing the way your overall smile looks.

What are Dental Veneers?

A veneer is a type of porcelain shell that we bond to the front of a tooth. Unlike crowns, they don’t cover your tooth entirely. Rather, they mask the front surfaces that you see when you smile.

The edges slightly overlap the sides and tips of teeth, leaving the back of the tooth exposed.

Veneers are strictly an aesthetic restoration, as opposed to something we used to repair badly decaying teeth.

Veneers are excellent for aesthetic concerns like crooked teeth, gaps in your smile or discoloration and staining due to medications. Since veneers are handcrafted and customised according to our preferences, you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal that fits your personal preferences.

Being that every smile is unique, we’ll help you to plan the shape and colour of each veneer to give you the results you’re looking for. For some people that means placing six veneers across their upper front teeth, while others need eight or more.

Before you get dental veneers

Before we start your dental veneers treatment, we’ll create a mock-up design that allows you to preview the proposed veneers in your own mouth. It’s not just a picture. Rather, it’s a set of temporary veneer prosthetics that give you a first-hand glance at what the permanent designs will look like. As we discuss what you hope to achieve, we can make modifications to what the final design shape or colour will be.

The treatment process takes two separate appointments. During the first, we’ll prep appropriate teeth so that a veneer can fit over each one in your “smile zone”. Then we’ll take some impressions for our lab to use as they create the final veneer design.

About two weeks later, you’ll come back to our office to have the permanent veneers bonded to your teeth. This final visit is relatively simple and no numbing is needed.

Depending on the shape of your smile and which teeth are visible, the number of veneers that you need will vary. If you’re only placing veneers on the top front teeth, you may want to consider whitening your smile first. That way any teeth on the lower arch or further back in your mouth can blend in with the colour of the ceramic that we choose.

How long do veneers last?

The dental lab we use for your veneers designs and makes them right here in Melbourne.  They are made to last, from robust Porcelain or Ceramic – to give you confidence for many years to come.

We recommend ongoing maintenance – including six-month checkups – as you would with any fixed restoration. Daily brushing and flossing are essential.

If you’re someone who tends to clench your teeth throughout the day or while you sleep, we may need to fit you with a bite splint or night guard to protect the porcelain against fractures.

How much do veneers cost?

Porcelain/Ceramic veneers are $1,299 per tooth (slightly less if you are a member of some health funds). However, if you need 5 or more, we are about to make you really smile.

Up to 10 veneers on an arch for $9,995. So if you are having an upper jaw done, you can have 10 veneers, and they are just $999.50 each. See below how to save even more when you prepay.

We will see you for your initial free consultation, to discuss with you what you need and want, and after that visit we can quote you exactly based on your needs. For instance, if you only need a couple of veneers, then the price per veneer will be quoted separately.

So 10 teeth for $9,995 – with a 20% deposit (ie $1,998) and pay only $333 a month for 24 months. No credit check, no interest. Just a $39 set up fee, and 88c bank fee for each payment. If you decide to pay it off early, there are no extra fees or early termination fees. If you want to pay the regular payments by credit card, a 2% fee applies to that (but NOT to the deposit).

Or prepay and save 10% – which means you could pay as little as $899 a tooth!

Is there a cash discount?

Well, sort of.

You will be given the option to prepay and save 10%. So $9,995 then becomes $8995 – which means $895 per tooth. you can pay by cash, bank cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Amex or bank transfer.

You just need to pay with clear funds before your first treatment appointment to take up this offer. But you can still pay by credit card and earn points-paying by cash is not the business we are in.

We are quality, doing things right, at the best possible price, with the best possible technology.


Invest in your smile today!

For with whiter, straighter, properly-shaped teeth without braces or bleaching, dental veneers are the best option.

For dental veneers in Forest Hill, schedule an appointment with Brentford Dental today.

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20-22 Brentford Square
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