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20-22 Brentford Square,
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Dental Check-up and Clean

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20-22 Brentford Square, Forest Hill VIC 3131

Treatment Breakdown

Keeping your smile healthy and beautiful is our number one priority. Routine check-ups are an integral part of maintaining good oral health.

One of the most important ways you can help do good by your mouth is to visit us for twice-yearly checkup and cleans.

During your six-monthly visits, we’ll perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to screen for any changes that have occurred since your last visit. That way issues can be caught early, before they develop into something more complex or painful.

Six month cleans remove buildup that accumulates between appointments, improving your oral hygiene, and freshening your breath.

We’ll monitor tartar levels and screen for early signs of gum disease, so that infections can be addressed while they’re still reversible. When caught at the earliest stage, gingivitis can be managed before it evolves into gum and bone loss.

The typical checkup appointment usually lasts between 40-50 minutes. For younger patients, the visit may be a bit shorter.

What Happens During a Checkup and Cleaning?

During these important visits, we have the chance to:

  • Take x-rays to look for changes or problems
  • Thoroughly clean your teeth
  • Perform a fluoride treatment (if necessary)
  • Make recommendations for further custom treatments

Screen your mouth for problems before they turn serious, including infections, tooth decay, oral cancer and more. Checkup and cleans are designed to keep your smile beaming for years to come, and give our dentist a chance to provide their expertise when it comes to your oral health.

We also will give you advice on any areas that may help – like showing you if an electric brush would help, using interdental cleaners like Pixters or Floss, and other things that will help you on your journey to a healthy mouth and teeth.

Keep your teeth for life

At Brentford Dental, we want patients to keep their teeth for life! We do that by encouraging patients to stay on top of their regular checkups and cleans every six months. By maintaining a preventative care routine at intermittent stages, you can also take steps to reduce the costs of dental health needs in the future.

Check-Up & Clean

At Brentford Dental we’re pleased to offer new patients a full check-up, clean and xrays

$ 235
New Patient Offer
  • Comprehensive exam, X-rays, cleaning and fluoride treatment*
  • Depending on your oral health history and our exam findings, a complimentary elective oral cancer screening may be included during the check up and clean visit.
  • If you have health insurance, you may have no out-of-pocket to pay (if they cover $235 – if they pay less, you just pay the gap).
* For all other treatments required, that is not included in the offer, patients will receive a treatment plan and fee estimate for the treatment required. Includes items 011/012 – consultation, 022,037 Xrays and OPG if required, 114 – cleaning, 121 – Flouride treatment, 071/072 photographic records and models, 221 – periodontal charting. Patients with Health Funds may have no out-of-pocket to pay if they cover $235 – Health Fund policies differ and if they pay less, you just pay the gap. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or Government scheme and cannot be substituted or redeemed for cash.
Special Offer
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20-22 Brentford Square
Forest Hill, VIC 3131
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