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Health Funds Accepted
at Brentford Cosmetic Dental

At Brentford Cosmetic Dental, we’re proud to accept health funds to help cover the cost of dental care and get you the treatment you need when you need it most.

Our team is happy to be preferred providers for these Private Health Insurance partners:

  • HCF

    HCF logoDid you know that HCF members get 100% cover on a check-up, clean and X-rays twice a year, when they choose us? And if you have kids on your family cover, Sports Mouthguards are covered 100% – to protect their teeth. Now that’s a great incentive. You can visit the HCF website for more detail at

  • CBHS

    CBHS logoDepending on coverage level, there may be little to no out-of-pocket costs for your care. As this fund is run to benefit the employees, and not to make massive profits, the benefits of their cover are very generous. CBHS is the health fund for Commonwealth Bank and allied business employees and their families. Check if you are eligible for their amazing cover at

  • NIB

    NIB logoWith NIB and their partner Health Funds, AAMI, Suncorp, GU Health, and Apia Over 50’s health insurance, you’ll never have to worry about the cost of a dental checkup as you’ll be eligible for 100% back. They also negotiate special discounts for their members – like a filling which is normally $195, will only be $131 for members (and then they pay the rebate – reducing your out of pocket significantly). A Dental Crown (615) is normally $1595, however NIB members receive a discount of over $180 – and then can claim their benefits as well.
    Now that should be music to your ears.

  • logoAs a member, you’ll automatically be eligible to save at least 15% (and up to 25%) on virtually every dental service at participating dentists like Brentford Cosmetic Dental in Forest Hill. You can combine Smile membership with your health fund provider. Smile membership is normally $77 a year, however some funds like GMHBA, Frank Insurance, myOwn, Peoplecare, AIA Vitality, Australian Unity, and HealthCare include the Smile membership for you at no extra cost. Learn more about the partner health funds who include a free Smile membership, by visiting

  • Qantas Health Insurance

    Qantas insurance logo“If you love flying, and love collecting Qantas Points – you can now do it with Health Insurance. But choose your dentist wisely – as Qantas Health Insurance has a network of partner dentists, that will save you more. When you use your Qantas Health Insurance with us, you will usually pay no out of pocket on your twice yearly check up, clean, fluoride and xrays. Plus you will get special lower prices, waving you 10-20% on your dental costs when compared to a non-partner dentist.


    GMHBA logo“Did you know that GMHBA and Frank Insurance include a bonus Smile membership with your health insurance? So choosing a Smile partner dentist, like Brentford Cosmetic Dental in Forest Hill, you will get lower prices, and less out of pocket to pay. Your GMHBA and Frank Health Insurances really look after you well. For more about their benefits, check

  • ING

    logo-INGWe’re proud to accept health funds through ING, a trusted provider for years serving the people of Forest Hill. With ING funds, you can get the dental care you need, when you need it most. Learn more about ING coverage and how to join here


    TUHlohoAt Brentford Cosmetic Dental, we love welcoming teachers into our care and offering incredible service to meet their oral health needs. Our practice is happy to work with Teachers Union Health to accept funds and cover dental services. TUH offers clients great coverages exclusive discounts, and world-class customer service among other things. Learn more about who can join


    UHlogoWe’re proud to accept health funds through Union Health. Union health is a part of TUH, which is one of the most respected and trusted funds in all of Australia. With Union Health, subscribers get more than just a traditional health plan—they’ll partner with you to ensure coordinated care, exclusive rates on select services and more. Learn more about Union Health

Refunds Processed Immediately On Site

When you choose us for your oral health needs, we make things as smooth as possible for you. We conveniently process everything by swiping your card through the HICAPS terminal to claim your benefits at the time of treatment. You then only pay the gap payment – which is able to be paid by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or EFTPOS, with no extra fees charged. We do also accept cash too.

Is Health Insurance right for me?

Studies have shown that two out of every three Australians have admitted to delaying dental visits due high treatment costs. However, skipping necessary or maintenance dental care can lead to big (and costly) problems down the track—especially when decay and oral diseases aren’t addressed promptly.

Most health insurances will cover most or all of your twice-yearly check-up and cleans – so already there is a $400 – $500 value included in your insurance. Others may provide a percentage of the cost of the treatments – for example, an HBF Top 70 Extras cover, would cover $136.50 of a small filling – meaning only $58.50 out of pocket. It doesn’t take long for that kind of coverage to make insurance worth it for you.

Other insurances negotiate lower prices for their members at participating dentists – such as Qantas Health Insurance which is part of the NIB Group. A normal $195 filling will reduce to $131, then they will pay their share (which on a Top 70 cover, will mean you only pay $39.30 out of pocket).

PLUS you may also be able to access 1 – 2 pairs of glasses a year with little or no co-pay, at participating opticians like Bailey Nelson and Specsavers.

Ask us if you have questions about Private Health Insurance – and what might be right for you and your dental needs.

Questions? Contact Us

If you still have questions regarding using your health fund with us, we’d love to speak with you. Contact our team today to learn more about our services, payment and more. We look forward to welcoming you into our care soon.

Health Funds Accepted at Brentford Cosmetic Dental | 03 7023 0066