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Cheap Overseas Dental Treatments

Combining an overseas holiday with cheap dental treatment?

Sounds like a dream!

  • Crowns in Bangkok from $400 each?
  • An All-On-4 denture solution in Bulgaria?
  • Sinus lifting in India, with simultaneous implant placement, for just $1000 per implant?
  • A Bali holiday and new veneers for just $400 a tooth?

Sound too good to be true? It likely is…

In reality there is a reason that dentistry in Australia is considered to be “expensive”.

Dentists have very tight protocols around infection control — and the TGA and other authorities check materials to ensure patient safety.

If something goes wrong, you have the back up of the original dentist — and also the consumer authorities.

If you have health insurance, you can’t claim on it for overseas treatment.

And why take out a personal loan for overseas treatment, when you can access no credit check, no interest payment options from Denti-Care Payment Solutions at many dentists around Australia.

Ask us for a free consultation to discuss your treatment options. And how $12,000 of treatment can be attained on a no credit check, no interest treatment plan for $400 a month (with 20% deposit).

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How much is that $400 Bangkok Crown?

All ceramic crowns fees ranges around 18,000 — 20,000 baht (estimated USD$565 — 625).

So that equates to around AUD$880.

But what they are not telling you, is that they charge you extra for the temporary crowns (which then brings the price up another $100 or so). We have seen several quotes from this company, and have confirmed this ourselves.
Did you know if you are doing 8 or more crowns, our price comes down to close to $990 a crown?

Yes, they do offer Metal Crowns with a Porcelain cover for USD$320 – USD$500. But these are virtually not used in Australia any more.

And you have no guarantee what metals are being put into your mouth.

Dr Sunil in Bangkok is offering 10 veneers for THB119000. That’s AUD $5000. It’s a limited offer, and you have no idea what sort of results you will get.

Compare that to our offer of up to 10 glistening porcelain veneers for $7995 (or $7195 if you prepay — or $1600 deposit — and $266 a month for 2 years). You get to choose the shape, colour and design of your new smile with our ceramist, at the Melbourne owned and located laboratory who will make your veneers.  And you have a dentist who can look after any concerns or issues. Right here in Melbourne. You can even claim on your health insurance.

So isn’t it time you made a FREE consultation and get a FREE Xray, and proper advice on what you need. Knowing you can use your insurance, access no credit check payment plans, and have the peace of mind of a local dentist to go back to if there are any issues?

Our crowns and veneers are all made right here in Melbourne. You can even visit the laboratory if you like.  And the peace of mind that Australian Consumer Law applies to your visit.

So why not book in a free consultation today!

Should I get my dental implant treatment overseas?

You don’t have to be a dentist to see that this person has 5 dental implants on the upper jaw. The left hand 2 are touching each other. As are the right hand 2.

Several of them are poking through the sinus — which would be a risk factor for ongoing sinusitis and implant failure.

This particular dentist is charging $15 000 stage 1 + $6000 stage 2 (plus flights and accommodation). So close to $25 000.

Yes, the high pressure sales people in some of the big clinics that do sales seminars, will quote you $60 000 for this.   Our price is less than half that – not much more than the overseas price!

But when you seek individual treatment, from a dentist who is focussed on you and your solutions, the prices may not be much more than the price overseas.

AND you will have the option to use your health insurance, get an interest free, no credit check payment plan, AND the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you don’t need to fly off to wherever to get if seen to.

dental xray

They get good reviews.

Lets be frank. The people in Australia who may be posting reviews, may of may not be legitimate. They could be working on a retainer or commission per call, to give good feedback.

And besides, nobody is going to go onto social media and admit they made a mistake choosing dental treatment overseas.

The ones you hear saying how great it is — generally are doing so in the first 3-12 months (before anything is likely to go wrong).

The true test is the back up — when things need maintaining, and attention, several years later. Ho current are the reviews from Aussies? Are they still happy?

Amazing reviews!

His Google Review rating is 4.7…… sounds good right?


This amazing Before and After photo pair on his own website is something really shocking. Imagine that you went to the dentist to get implants, and he was so desperate to do it for you and take your money, that he didn’t even discuss with you the decay and years for tartar build up on the teeth below. The bottom teeth are also worn down from grinding against the upper teeth. This action on the upper prosthesis and implants, will make it unlikely these implants would last long at all.

The reality is dental implants DO need regular maintenance. And as such the patient needs to understand that regular dental visits are a must.

Or the implants WILL fail.

before after

But they give a Lifetime Guarantee!

So this lovely Smile Dental Service in Bulgaria does give a guarantee. Which may or may not be charged. And you have to “get on a plane and fly to us”.

But if you read the guarantee, its not a guarantee at all.

After the 10 years or 5 years, what happens then? Will your local dentist have the tool kits needed to help you with the issue (as each dental implant system needs its own tool kit).

Or will you need to actually go to a Dental Specialist (consultation only is $300 plus — before they do anything).

We saw a patient who had his “lifetime warranty” treastment done in Bali. The implants were touching, and through his sinus. A specialist had to remove them. He had to have hyperbaric treatment to repair his sinus. And the bone was so destroyed by the initial treatment, he had to settle for removable dentures for the future.

With an Aussie based dentist you have the peace of mind. You don’t get that with the overseas dentists.

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